About the process

We use gentle handling techniques which are perfect for elderly, shy and nervous cats.

Cats are greasy animals.  Bathing them will wash away the dander/saliva build-up on their bodies.  It can help make them feel perkier.  Conditioners will not be used on most pet cats.  They will be degreased with a product called Chubbs Bar.  In certain cases where a cat's skin is in poor condition, we may only use a hypoallergenic shampoo or something else..


Please have two (2+) or more towels for drying your cat.  A small wash cloth will also be helpful.  The more water that can be removed with the towels, the less blow drying will be needed.  The cat will be bathed in your kitchen sink using techniques intended to minimize stress.  It is important to wash your cat's skin and coat.  Not bathing your cat will set it up for future matting and other problems.  Not all cats hate baths.  Most customers are surprised by how well their cats do in the bath.


We will bring along a small grooming table.  Hair from a shaved cat will typically fall on the ground, much like your own hair does when you get a haircut.  This can easily be swept up during grooming breaks or vacuumed afterwards.


Drying a cat with a full coat will blow hair out into the air.  This is especially heavy and true of a cat that is not on maintenance.  They have much more undercoat build-up.  A cat that is on maintenance typically does not have a coat that creates a big mess.  That is something to think about.  Every cat grooming service has it's pros and cons.  Most people plan their house cleaning for after their cat's grooming house-call visit.  Please have a broom and/or vacuum handy.  We will do a quick clean-up after the groom.


We do not use the same combs, blades or tools from one home to the next.  We make sure that every item we bring into your home has been individually sanitized for use on just your cat. For this reason we are only able to book a limited amount of appointments per day. 


Please do not give your cat any oral sedatives, calming treats or homeopathic calming drops without informing us.  Your cat will be closely monitored for stress signals and will not be groomed if it seems unsafe to proceed.  While we do not use any loops or harnesses when handling cats, we do minimally scruff and carefully hold cats still with an open hand as needed (as per our training).  We also sometimes use towels to assist us in handling.


You can sit closeby and comfort your cat.  Your calm presence can be very helpful.  Cat grooming awareness brochures will be provided.  Comb and product recommendations will be made.  Feel free to ask us any cat grooming related questions.


One more thing,  not every cat is groomable by us.  We show up, try our best and usually have great success.  However, there are some cats that are better serviced outside of their own home, instead of in their  "lion's den."  Pet grooming salons and veterinary clinics are other alternatives to house-call services.


In the past we have given our customers specific grooming appointment times.  We must clarify that we are only able to provide you with an "estimated" grooming appointment time.  We can't predict traffic flow or parking availabilities. We also don't want to rush any cat through their groom for the sake of the next groom. Please only consider hiring us if you can be open minded and understanding with what we're able to do.


 Erica Ayala 

Certified Master Cat Groomer,

Owner & Operator

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