"Nail Trim & Care Only" Visits


In addition to stress reduced full grooming services, we also offer "nail trim & care only" house call visits.  This 10 minute service includes a complementary ear cleaning, skin & coat assessment, quick comb-thru and cat toy.  If your cat permits, we will also offer her/him a free dental wipe.  All work is done in the comfort of your own home.  


If you provide us with Soft Paws® nail caps, we will apply them and/or remove them at no extra charge. 

The price of a nail trim & care only visit is $40.00 plus tax.  Minimal fees may also be applied for travel and distance. Please call us for your quote.

While we do not use any loops or harnesses when handling cats, we do minimally scruff and carefully hold cats still with an open hand as needed (as per our training).  We sometimes use towels to assist us in handling.